What to expect in a Sing and Sign class

For this current term you can choose how you prefer to learn! We are back in venues but we are also delivering our classes straight into your living rooms!  Please don't miss out on the fun! click here to find your local teacher, or join us for Sing and Sign Class@Home

Sing and Sign classes are relaxed, great fun and a wonderful way to learn all you need to know about baby signing! We are thrilled to have won numerous awards including "What's on for Little Ones" Best National Toddler Development Activity! Previous awards include "Best Baby Signing Class" and "Best Nationwide Activity for Under 2's"

Each session includes roughly half an hour of singing and signing and ample social time for tea or coffee (venue facilities may vary) while your baby plays and makes friends. As well as many familiar and original songs, toys, props and pictures are used to inspire your baby's interest and illustrate the signs. We sing about going to the park, mealtime, bath time and bedtime and other things to capture your child's imagination like animals and vehicles. These are the signs babies love to use!

As a Stage 1 or Stage 2 class member you’ll also have FREE access to step by step online lesson reminders, tips and clips to support your class experience as you sign with your baby at home.

Class numbers are strictly limited to encourage a safe and intimate environment. Babies enjoy the beneficial routine of attending each week, soon becoming familiar with the format and anticipating what exciting thing happens next .....perhaps the instruments, the peek-a-boo box with Jessie Cat, the props bag or the picture board.

Our baby signing programme

The course will cover over 100 signs relating to your baby's world.  As you begin the term you are not expected to instantly remember all the signs shown, or to use them straight away with your baby! Learning the Sing and Sign way is gradual and effortless, building week on week. Classes are themed and the lessons (and online support) offer a comprehensive guide to baby signing.

There are a number of Sing and Sign resources to help continue the fun at home ...

Why do we teach the signs through music?

This has proved to be a great way to learn! Our action songs are a relaxing, enjoyable and unpressured way for you to become familiar with a wide range of signs.

Everyone knows that nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun but musical activities can also help stimulate your baby's language development, memory and attention skills. Sing and Sign classes combine the benefits of both music and baby signing. Although there is a strong educational basis to the class, babies are not expected to sit still and concentrate! They can crawl and toddle around, enjoying the musical and social aspects of class exploring the props, instruments and other babies while you learn the signs.

Your Sing and Sign Teacher

Sing and Sign teachers are carefully selected and well trained. Your teacher will be an experienced baby signer, enthusiastic about sharing the wonderful benefits with the class, many with years of teaching under their belt.

Just a few of the awards and honours Sing and Sign has received

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