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Please note our 10-week term option of Sing and Sign Class@Home is purchased separately to the resources outlined below! Becoming a club member does not include automatic access to a 10-week Class@Home course. An @Home course needs to be booked through your own local teacher but if unable to book through your local teacher you may use this link to book.

Looking forward to singing and signing with your baby and interested in a whole year of access to our signing dictionary, supporting clips and resources? Why not become a member of 'The Jessie Cat Club' and enjoy its comprehensive content to support you as you sign with your baby at home! Unique resources, videos, singing & signing, games and more ... You can even select and print out single or multiple sheets of your baby's own favourite signs to share with family and caregivers. 

Over 250 video clips to help improve your signing skills...

Share your baby's favourite signs with friends and family...

Features of The Jessie Cat Club Membership :

  • View over 250 baby-useful signs demonstrated in short video clips (with index for easy use)
  • Create your baby's own bespoke signing resource by selecting and printing signs as often as you wish from our 250+word vocabulary
  • Themed lessons and music videos which take you step by step through our curriculum, alongside our original multi award-winning DVD 'Sing and Sign'.
  • Interactive games! Play 'peekaboo' with Sing and Sign's favourite friend Jessie Cat, who teaches signs through her simple hiding games
  • Your membership is valid for a whole year and you can access the streamed material and print out the signs as often as you like.
  • Within the site you can upgrade your membership to access much more Sing and Sign material, including our much loved follow on DVD content and play Jessie Cat's next level interactive counting and phonics games and more hiding ... with seventeen animal friends!
  • Registration costs £25 and lasts the whole year with as much access as you like as you learn online. 
  • If you attend a S&S Stage 1 class, your teacher will register you and further upgrades are then optional to access more content, including an option to purchase a 10-week course of Classes@Home

When you register as a member of The Jessie Cat Club you'll instantly be sent an email with an automatically generated password to allow you to access your membership immediately. If you wish to alter this password for future visits, you may change it when you first log on via the Settings Page.

Your baby's own signing resource.

As your baby starts to communicate more and more, you will be keen to share those exciting first signs with family and friends. By following a simple procedure, Jessie Cat Club members can print out a page (or as many pages as you like!) showing the signs your baby enjoys the most. This is invaluable for times when your baby is being looked after by another family member or by a childcare provider. A 'favourite signs' sheet is a great way to involve all the family in your baby's enjoyment of the signs and to keep a record of your baby's' first words' forever!!

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