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    It's never too early or late to start using simple signs with your baby - Summer term open to book!

    Sing and Sign helps you communicate with your baby whilst their speech develops. 
    Book, check days, times and availability here...  Book a Trial or Summer course

    We have 3 age appropriate courses:
    - Babes: 0-6 months - It really is never too young to start. Babies are born ready to make connections!
    - Stage 1 Sitting/crawling: 5-14 months. Our core curriculum. 
    - Stage 2 Toddlers: 13 months to between 24 & 30months depending on if they are still benefitting from the programme. 

    Summer term is open to book hereIf the class you want shows FULL - JOIN the waiting list AND see if there's another class that you can join meanwhile. 

    Mondays - Wapping Youth Centre, 20 Tench St, E1W 2QF
    Tuesdays - Oxford House, Bethnal Green E2 6HG
    Wednesdays - St Paul Old Ford, St Stephen's Road, Bow E3 5JL
    Thursdays - Feldy Community Centre, Aberfeldy E14 0XA
    Fridays - Hampden Chapel, Lauriston Road, E9 7EU
    Fridays afternoon - ELT Baptist Church, Burdett Road, Mile End E3 - ***NEW VENUE***

    See my venues on Google Maps or the VENUES tab above.

    JOIN ANYTIME from birth to 2. No experience needed, you will be well supported by your teacher and online resources. It's easy and lots of fun!   

    What parents say about my classes... 

    With huge thanks to Debbie Castro (who came to classes with both her children) for making this beautiful film.

    Stage 1 and Stage 2 Sing and Sign course are 10 weeks and run in line (roughly) with school terms, broken up by the holidays - Easter, Summer and Christmas when there will be individual Holiday Special classes! Babes courses can be 5, 8 or 10 weeks long.

    You can join part-way through the course (space permitting) and only pay for the remaining sessions

    Spring term - January to March 
    Summer term - April to June /July
    Autumn term - Sept to December

    I run EasterSummer and Christmas 'Special Events' in the holidays - usually 1 in each venue for a week (or more in the summer if possible). These are good opportunities to come and trial the class before the start of the next term. You'll see some babies (hopefully) using the signs in the class, as these are a mix of different ages. But... some courses will fill up BEFORE these Specials/trials even take place! So if you are genuinely interested in learning to sign with your baby then don't wait for the trial to book your course - or you may find they are already full! You wont regret it! If however, you just want something to do with your baby and don't want to learn this MAY not be the right class for you - BUT funnily enough, when I joined my local Sing and Sign class with my son in January 2010, this was me! I just wanted something to do and, as you can see, it kind of changed my life! Baby signing, with just a little effort, can be THE most rewarding thing you can do with your baby. Read my Facebook reviews and Google reviews to fully understand what I mean. 

    I can also do birthday parties for  babies 1 - 3 years old (and have attended for 1 term minimum). Older children and adults will also enjoy the party - everyone takes part and joins in - it's lots of fun and won't cost you the earth! Email to enquire.

    From can check availability, book yourself on, watch video FAQs, see babies in action, access your online membership and MORE! 

    Which Stage should I do?

    There are exceptions so if you are not sure, feel free to give me a call to discuss what might be right for your baby.  Give me a call with any questions - Sukie 07899 820205! 

    Sing and Sign Babes (0 - 6 months) All about you interacting with your baby and getting them familiar with a few keys signs.
    A lovely, gentle introduction to baby signing, '
    Babes' offers families a carefully structured introduction to creating a strong framework for brilliant communication with their babies. You will learn many simple songs, just right for this age group so we can concentrate on the essentials such as good eye contact, repetition and anticipation and membership of The Jessie Cat Club is now included! Mini video classes (for you not your baby!), theme reminders, and expert tips, helping you build the framework for good communication with your baby! While on the course you also will be able to stream our lovely Beginner Babes music to enjoy away from class.

    Stage One (5 - 14 months) Sitters and crawlers.
    This is our core curriculum! Learn loads of useful signs to use with you baby to encourage communication, build confidence, help language development (the building blocks of everything) and reduce tantrums! Babies naturally wave, clap and point at around 8/9 months. We give you lots of extra useful gestures to add to your vocabulary of signs, like milk, more, change nappy, eat and so many more! Check out the FAQs here. All venue bookings come with Class@Home (see this video), at no extra cost! So if you are on holiday or ill for one week, you won't miss out. In fact, you can watch every day if you like!. There is a cumulative learning aspect to the course from Week 1 - 10 and all parents/carers are asked to engage and interact with the singing and signing within the class and at home! The benefits of baby signing are huge and only dependant on how much you integrate them into your everyday speech :) Watch your baby's confidence grow!

    Stage Two (14 months - 2 years) 
    If you are starting with Stage 2, we still cover all the basic signs (read Stage 1 above) so it is absolutely fine to start with Stage 2. I did with my own son! Classes are more interactive than Stage 1 with more movement. We include foods so they can be specific about choosing what they want to eat ( if they sign for a biscuit, you can still say no!), colours, the weather even starting some phonic awareness and lots more! 

    What does the Stage 1 & 2 Class@Home look like?  Take a look here... 

    Enjoy all week included with your venue booking! We've bottled the charm and simplicity of our live classes to create a natural and friendly online experience. Back at work? JUST do the Class@Home course with no venue booking. 

    GOLD Jessie Cat Club Membership comes with all Stage 1 bookings and includes:

    •   Lessons 1 - 10 (access to the Class@Home videos)
    •   Dictionary - over 350 signs to view in video clips
    •   Two 15-minute films directly supporting our Stage One curriculum
    •   A print-out vocabulary facility for your baby’s favourite signs.
    •   Our classic ‘Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way’ (2001 DVD streamed).
    •   2 interactive ‘Where is Jessie?’ games.

      PREMIUM membership has all the above plus lots of extra Stage 2 videos and materials.

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    About our classes

    Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals and recommended by experts, Sing and Sign is Britain’s longest-running and best-loved baby signing programme.

    Classes are very relaxed and great fun! We keep class sizes small, around 11 per class.

    Babes classes (for the youngest babies 0 - 5 months) are around 35 minutes.
    Stage 1 and 2 classes run for approximately 50 mins to an hour.  

    As a general rule, Stage 1 classes are great for babies aged from around 6 mths upwards. Stage 2 classes are most appropriate for babies who will be around 14mths + at the start of term (please contact me if you are unsure!).

    We know babies don't like to stay still so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they can pick up whilst wandering!) When Jessie Cat, the instruments or the prop bag appear they soon come back!

    We learn all the signs through our easy to learn action-songs which include some you will already know and the babies love them. Don't worry if you can't sing particularly well... you don't have to! 

    Sing and Sign Babes is £103 and now includes the Jessie Cat Songbook with CD and the Online resources in the Jessie Cat Club Membership  The 'Babes' class lasts around 35 minutes, an appropriate time for their age.

    Stages 1 & 2 costs £110 and includes the Sing and Sign on-line GOLD membership or PREMIUM for Stage 2.   This streams our award-winning teaching video 'Sing and Sign', has a dictionary of 200 signs in video clips and your baby can play 'peekaboo' with Sing and Sign's favourite friend Jessie Cat, who teaches signs through her simple interactive hiding games. This also gives you access to our award-winning Class@Home which we originally produced for lockdown and has proved an incredible resource which means you can enjoy the class, not just once in the venue but as many times as you like throughout the week!

    Upgrade to PREMIUM membership is included with stage 2 and gives you access to more Sing and Sign material, including our much-loved, follow on (Stage 2) DVD content, our Sing and Sign Christmas DVD and your baby can play Jessie Cat's next level interactive hiding game with seventeen animal friends! 

    The Class@Home Stage 2 for toddlers course on it's own also comes with the Premium as standard.

  • Nurseries

    Bubbles Nurseries are now Sing and Sign Affiliated!

    Does your child attend a nursery?
    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach the staff a selection of signs, tailor-made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with access to our online fantastic resources as well as ongoing help from the trainer.

    If your baby attends a nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us at the number/email above. 

    Current Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Eltham and Woolwich area nurseries with Sing and Sign Affiliation are:

    A big welcome to Bubbles Nurseries Eltham into our Sing and Sign family.

    I had a great day with the nursery team for their staff training and they are now ready and rearing to go, teaching their young charges baby signing.  Baby signing in a childcare setting has all the benefits of signing at home PLUS it helps babies feel more relaxed and confident at nursery.

    Visit the nursery here:

    They loved it so much that 10 days later, they invited me back to train the wonderful staff at the Bexley branch of Bubbles Nurseries for my 'sister' Sing and Sign leader in Bexley, Jenette Hawkes. The staff there were also very excited to get started with using the signs with the babies.

    Visit Bubbles Nurseries Bexley here:

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