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  • About Me

    Welcome to Sing and Sign Portsmouth and Fareham!

    Hi, I'm Hannah and I run Sing and Sign in Portsmouth, Fareham and the surrounding areas. 

    I am a qualified primary teacher but now a full time Sing a Sign teacher; I am massive advocate of the benefits of Sing and Sign and can't wait to welcome you to one of my classes.

    I first found out about baby sign when my baby cousin signed that he was finished on a swing, it blew my mind! From that moment we knew that Sing and Sign was for us when we had children. I attended classes with our daughter when she was in 2020 and fell in love, singing all the songs and signing; she started with her first sign of 'milk' and never stopped! She would happily sign when we saw animals, colours and to her favourite songs. Our daughter's speech has started to develop and I believe Sing and Sign has hugely impacted how confident and able she is.

    There is lots of information on this website, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch on

    Hannah x 

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    About Our Classes


    Babes is for 0-6 months and is a gentle, sensory class, designed to focus on the key elements of good communication with babies, such as eye contact, repetition and anticipation. We also start to use some initial signing. This is all done through music, using songs, instruments, toys and props.

    Stage 1 is for around 6-14 months. Each week we introduce a new theme, for example, bath time, then look at signs that are associated with the theme. This is a fully interactive class using simple, catchy songs to help parents remember the signs and give the babies a whole lot of fun, using instruments, props and toys. Each week you will be sent an email handout, to remind you of the key signs of the week.

    Stage 2 is for around 14-24 months. As with Stage 1, we introduce a different theme each week, progressing to letters using phonics and colours amongst many others. We also focus more on social skills, encouraging babies to share and use manners. This is a lively class, where babies are not only signing, but now starting to fully use their voices too. Each week you will be sent an email handout, to remind you of the key signs of the week.

    Sing and Sign @HOME.

    • 10 structured, 30 minute, age appropriate classes to enjoy over a 10 week period. Each week covering a theme and gradually building your signing knowledge 
    • Sing and Sign @Home is not 'live'. Meaning you can stream the class any time of the day, as many times as you like for a whole week with no lagging or sound glitches. 
    • Connect with other parents via our WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, get advice from me.
    • Something we intend for you to DO with your child - not just a film to watch on screen. Get down on the living room floor and ENJOY quality time together! 
    • Online Membership is included:

    - 200+ signs to view in video clips 

    - A print-out facility for repeated sheets of various favourites

    - Award winning ‘Sing and Sign 

    video film

    - Interactive ‘Where is Jessie?’ games

    - Films supporting the themed week signs. 

    Venue based classes

    Babes - 6 week course is £39

    Stage 1 - 11 week course is £70

    Stage 2 - 11 week course is £70

    Sing and Sign @Home

    Stage 1 - 10 week course, including Gold membership is £50

    Stage 2 - 10 week course, including Premium membership is £50

    Nothing is going to stop us bringing the magic of our award winning Sing and Sign classes to you this year!

    Keep Calm and Sing and Sign!

    Hannah and Jessie Cat 

    Gift Vouchers

    Great for baby shower, birthday, Christmas or christening presents.

    These can be purchased for either a full term or for an amount of your choice. Contact or use the enquiry form to arrange.


  • Nurseries


    Does your child attend a nursery?

    Sing and Sign now has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all.

    We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate.

    Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products.

    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on.

    Local nurseries which are affiliated with Sing and include:

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Whiteley

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Solent Business Park, Whiteley

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Park Gate, Fareham

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Fareham

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Ower, Romsey

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery, Romsey

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    Baby Signing the Fun Way!

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Just a few of the awards and honours Sing and Sign has received

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