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  • About Me

    Sing and Sign opens a window to your baby's world!


    By being here, you are doing something wonderful for your baby and family: developing your little one's early communication.  We hope to meet you and your baby soon.

    Booking is soon opening for our Autumn term - September to December

    Please get in touch if you'd like to be added to the priority list.

    We are offering a 9 (for Babes) or 11 week (stages 1 and 2) in-person course with a two week half term. These include a special festive bonus class .

    Cost - £87 for stages 1 and 2 and £68 for Babes. These also include access to our award-winning online platform, weekly on-demand lessons for those at home and fortnightly zooms.

     Where do we teach? (also, look at our venues page for further afield)

    Tuesday: Speedwell/St George in Crofts End Church

    Thursday: Lyde Green (BS16) in Lyde Green Community Centre

    Friday: Lyde Green (BS16) Lyde Green Community Centre

    Saturday: zoom catch ups in case you miss your class (alternate Saturday morning, dates TBC)

    For South and West Bristol please look at our sister site HERE

    Class details

    Classes generally last 35-45 minutes and 30 minutes for Babes.

    Stage One (6-13months) and Stage Two (13-24mos)11 in-person lessons, 2 week half-term, Class@Home* online lessons and catch up Zooms on alternate Saturdays included!  £87

    Class@Home* online only for Stage One or Two: 10 online-only lessons, one week half-term.  £50

    Sing and Sign Babes for infants 0-5months: 8 in-person classes, 1 week half-term, Babes@Home online resources and catch up Zooms on alternate Saturdays included!  Join any time in the term.  £63 (pro-rata'd for late joiners)

    Read what one happy family wrote:

    'If there is one thing you do with your child, make sure it is Sing and Sign. The session is enormously enjoyable, whilst sneakily teaching your small person lots of skills (tidying up, sharing, communicating, & socialising as well as signing), all hidden within familiar tunes and lots of laughter. I am coming to the end of my third term with my two year old and I will miss it greatly! This has been the friendliest and most lovingly-held space within which L. has flourished greatly. We both leave taking many good friends with us. What a treat it has been to relax and let the teacher take the reigns once a week!'


    About Me

    I am Tess and I came to teach Sing and Sign 5 years ago after it had a profoundly positive impact on my family. I feel so passionate about baby signing, it’s wonderful to be able to share it and see the benefits in our families.

    I attended 9 terms in total with my two children and as well as the enormous fun they had in the classes, it shaped our relationships and we are still seeing the benefits years later of that early communication in their language and communication skills.

    I hope you have the same experience and look forwarding to seeing you and your little one soon,


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  • More Info

    What will you learn at Sing and Sign?

    Sing and Sign is a fantastic activity to do with your baby.  You learn over 100 signs to help you connect and communicate with your baby.  You will be overjoyed when your baby tells you something through signing - whether it is naming a favourite animal or asking for 'milk' and a bite to 'eat'!  You also get a chance to meet other parents from your area with babies of a similar age.  Some lifelong friends have been made at our classes!!

    Your baby will love listening to the singing, playing the instruments and interacting with the other children - and the teacher!  

    My families tell me over and over again how much they enjoy our classes and how beneficial signing has been for them.

    Everyone has fun at Sing and Sign: they are special music classes with a BIG difference!


    A preview of our fabulous Sing and Sign Class@Home is below.  These wonderful resources are pre-recorded lessons, available on demand with unlimited viewing for seven days (lesson one available in week one, lesson two in week two etc).  You can make Sing and Sign Class@Home part of your daily routine!  

    Filmed by Sing and Sign teachers across the country, the magic of Sing and Sign comes home in 10 weekly, themed online sessions.  The online class feels very much like your in person class following the usual format with familiar songs, felt board, instruments and of course Jessie Cat playing peek-a-boo!

    As with face-to-face classes, it is not essential for your baby to watch but they will enjoy hearing the music and your signing will grow stronger. (You can see a preview of Class@Home below.)

    If you are not a fan of screens for little ones, you can watch the class without your baby first (maybe with a glass of something cold or a cup of something hot), then send the audio through a speaker and sing along with your baby!

    These online classes are also great for those returning to work, families who can't find a suitable day, or even those Stage Two graduates who don't want to give up just yet!

    Included with stage 1 and stage 2 bookings!

    What happens if you miss an in-person class?

    If you or your baby is ill, please stay home to keep other families and your teacher safe and well.  You can watch Class@Home and other online resources too.  You'll be invited to all our zoom sessions so you can join any or all of those (dates tbc).

    It may be possible to make up a class in another venue on a different day if there is space but this is not guaranteed.  Email for more help on that.

    Please read all T&Cs for information about what happens with any absences and disruption to class for any reason as well as refunds including if miss or you return to work.

    Follow us!

    Be sure to follow our socials for fun and informative content as well as important announcements:

    Facebook: Sing and Sign - East Bristol

    Instagram Sing and Sign East Bristol

    Spotify, Apple and Amazon music:  Sasha Felix, Sing and Sign

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  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign in local nurseries

    Sing and Sign in local nurseries

    Does your child attend a nursery? Are you a child-care provider looking to provide a strong foundation in speech and language development for your children?

    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We currently work a number of providers across the Bristol Area.  We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products.

    If your baby attends nursery, you know of a childcare facility or represent one that would be interested in receiving further information, please get in touch on

    Once trained and having all the fabulous resources to hand, you can be rest assured that these childcare providers will be able to communicate with your baby using sign, familiar songs and have a vested interest in your baby's speech and language development. 

    East Bristol nurseries currently enjoying Sing and Sign affiliation are Happy Days in Lyde Green and Cheswick Village . The lovely brand new Happy Days setting in Yate has just joined with another fabulous training session. Happy Days have been working with Sing and Sign for some time and are enthusiastic champions.

    Kiddi Caru have Nurseries and daycares all over Bristol so there are lots to choose from. Recently joining the Sing and Sign affiliation with some fun training sessions are Kiddi Carus in Hanham, Soundwell, Crews Hole, Downend Road and Coronation Road.

    Snap Dragons in Keynsham have recently joined the affiliation with some passionate and enthusiastic training as you can see below: