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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Coventry and Kenilworth.

    Booking is open for Summer 2024 term!

    You can use this Book my class link to see availability, prices and to book on to a class. 

    Hello and welcome to Sing & Sign Coventry and Kenilworth, for baby signing and music classes in the Coventry and Kenilworth area!  My name is Jan and I've been teaching Sing & Sign classes since 2009 and love every minute of it!  When I heard about Sing & Sign and all its great benefits, I couldn't wait to start with my daughter, Louisa.  She loved the classes and benefited not only from the signing but also from the music, the social interaction and from learning social skills like taking turns, tidying up and sharing.  After four terms of attending classes I became a teacher and later the franchisee for Coventry and Kenilworth!

    When I had my second child I knew he would be seeing signs from an early age but didn't truly appreciate how much I would come to value his ability to sign.  James had few words at the age of two but around 50 signs and could happily tell me at the breakfast table that he could see a 'bird' in the 'tree' in our 'garden'!

    I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to help families across Coventry and Kenilworth to communicate with their babies before and during the early phases of speech, to ease those frustrations felt by baby and carer!  It's such a privilege and so much fun to do for everyone that I can't imagine doing anything else!

    To find out about availability and to book on to a class, please use the 'Book Now' bar or the link at the top of this page. For further details about venues (including a map) please select the 'Venues' tab above.

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    Stages, costs and class/term details

    How old is your baby?

    Sing and Sign Babes (for babies 6 months and under)

    This lovely, multi-sensory class explores themes such as eye contact, gesture, repetition, praise and anticipation together with lots of cuddles, tickles and some simple signs. All these build the exceptionally important framework for good communication and use our magic ingredient - music! This format has been specifically designed for younger babies who are pre-stage 1. It is only suitable for babies who are not yet crawling though rolling over or sitting up is fine.

    Stage 1 (for babies from 7 to 13 months)

    If this is your first Stage 1 term with us then your baby will get the most out of class if they are 7 months or older at the start of term.  This is because they may be sitting up, becoming more aware and ready to enjoy the music, the toys and props and social aspects of class.

    If you have already completed one term of Sing and Sign then we recommend coming back for a second term.  In terms of the learning process, the first term is for you, the second is for your baby.  There are well over 100 signs covered in our stage 1 course.  If your baby is younger than 13/14 months then we definitely recommend repeating stage 1.  By this age your child will have grown developmentally and will be responding more and more to some of the ideas we use in class.  A second term really does consolidate what you have both learnt and it's always a joy for us to watch them progress.

    Stage 2 (for babies from 14 months plus)

    If your baby is a little older, you may feel ready for a class with a little more action and activity.  Even if you have never done Sing and Sign before, our stage 2 class still covers the basic advise on how to sign with your baby.  We have some lovely songs to enjoy, covering concepts such as food, colours, the weather, being helpful, opposites and even the beginnings of phonic awareness, all though the magic of music.  There are also more opportunities to move about and interact  and plenty of toys and props to keep your baby amused.

    How much does it cost and how long are the classes and terms?

    Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses will continue to be offered as 10 week online only courses, alongside our live classes, accessed through the Jessie Cat Club online membership. These can be viewed whenever and as many times in a week as you like and are £50 which includes membership of the Jessie Cat Club and all it's resources, the online course each week and WhatsApp groups to share information and successes in and ask questions any time. Live Stage 1 and 2 classes cost £76 and you will still have access to the online course to back up your learning each week. Live Babes courses cost £76 but can be split into two terms of 5 weeks at some venues at £43 each, including in the price the Jessie Cat Songbook and our new online Babes content as part of the course. A discount is given for a second block of the Babes 5 week course which brings it down to £35. It is possible to make alternative payment arrangements. 

    If you have never been to a class before, you can book on with confidence with a full money back guarantee after your first class, should we not be the right fit for you.  Live classes cover an hour with around 40 min teaching time (30 min for Babes). Online classes are for 30 minutes for Stage 1 and 2 and around 15 minutes for Babes.

    Once you have provisionally booked your place using the 'Book Now ' tab on the 'Contact' section of the home page, you will be sent an email with all the details of the booking and methods of payment available.  Please be aware that your place is not secured until payment is received and may be released to a person on the waiting list in the event of non payment.  Once payment is made, your place is then guaranteed for the whole term. Do speak to me if you have a problem with payment as I am happy to take a deposit to secure your place.

    Summer 2024 (10 week) term dates (and start of 1st 6 week Babes block)

    Starts: Monday 15th April

    Half term: Monday 27th May - Friday 7th June

    Finishes: Friday 5th July

    The 2nd block of Babes classes start from 10th June and is 4 weeks

     For further information please don't hesitate to contact me on

    079200 66652 or by email at or by using the enquiry form at the bottom of each webpage.

  • Nurseries

    Coventry Nursery Affiliation Programme

    Does your child attend a nursery?

    Sing and Sign now has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with on going access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products.

    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us at the number/email above.

    Local Nurseries which currently enjoy Sing and Sign Affiliation include :

    Westwood Day Nursery, Westwood Business Park, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8HS Tel:02476422469 

    Kenilworth Beehive Nursery, Beehive Hill, Kenilworth, CV8 1BW Tel: 01926 864086

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